Welcome to the official website of two completed pan-European projects: CHRODIS (2014-2017) and CHRODIS PLUS (2017-2020) that brought together over 70 associated and collaborating partners from national and regional departments of health and research institutions representing 25 European countries.

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Chrodis Plus key focus areas

Integration into national policies

Provide support to Member States in the implementation of new or innovative policies and practices for empowerment, health promotion and prevention, the management of chronic diseases, and multimorbidity.

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Health promotion and disease prevention

Facilitate action on chronic diseases through health promotion and disease prevention through an overview of the current situation in European countries in terms of policies, interventions, and key stakeholders.

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Multimorbidity care model

JA-CHRODIS developed an Integrated Care Model for Multimorbidity that was assessed in practice and proven to be applicable, then adjusted for easier local replicability, and validated in different European healthcare settings.

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Fostering the quality of care

Implementation of the JA-CHRODIS Quality Criteria and Recommendation Tool to improve the quality of care for people with chronic diseases.

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Employment and chronic diseases

Pilot implementation of best practices in the employment sector for people with CDs: a Training Tool for employers and the employment sector.

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