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Kerassentials has launched an innovative serum to promote skin, hair and nail health and protect against fungal infections. With a significant proportion of the population affected by conditions such as athlete’s foot, this product offers an effective alternative to conventional treatments. The serum is a blend of essential vitamins, minerals and organic components that work together to provide a lasting shield against fungal conditions while promoting overall wellness.


Its formulation is touted for its purity and effectiveness, offering hope to those who have not found success with other antifungal remedies. To fully understand the benefits and use of Kerassentials, potential users are encouraged to consult the detailed reviews.


What is Kerassentials?

What is Kerassentials

Kerassentials is a meticulously crafted serum, developed under the supervision of Dr Kimberly Langdon, to support skin, hair and nail health and provide a strong barrier against fungal infections. Packed with antioxidants, antibacterials and anti-inflammatories, it has been rigorously tested to ensure purity and efficacy for those battling fungal conditions. As well as tackling the root causes of fungal infections, this formula also aids digestion, reduces inflammation and supports detoxification, helping to strengthen skin, nails and hair.


Manufactured in the USA in FDA-approved and GMP-certified facilities, it has an excellent safety profile with no reported adverse effects. It’s also free from GMOs, stimulants and harmful chemicals, ensuring its suitability for users seeking a natural remedy. Kerassentials is designed for ease of use and is competitively priced in the supplement market.


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Product details:

  • Remove dead skin & nail fungus
  • Maintains Healthy Skin
  • Boost immune system
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Are there any Kerassentials reviews or customer experiences?

Before writing a report on a product, our methodology includes a thorough review of consumer testimonials sourced from the internet. It is essential to identify the prevailing public opinion on the product under review. In our current research, we found a remarkably rich compendium of user experiences with Kerassentials across various online forums and social media platforms.


A preponderance of testimonials attest to a rapid improvement in symptoms such as itching, often within minutes of application. Observable progress against fungal infections was typically reported within a week. The duration of treatment varied from two to three weeks, depending on the initial severity of the fungal infection.


Users frequently praised the natural composition of the product, not only for its efficacy in treating onychomycosis, but also for its nourishing effect on the surrounding dermis. This aspect was of paramount importance to the majority of users, particularly those who had previously suffered from dry and cracked skin. It was also frequently mentioned in the Kerassentials reviews that the speed of delivery after purchase was commendable, allowing customers to begin their treatment regimens without undue delay.

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from Benjamin
4 day(s) ago

Hi guys, I had some pretty nasty itching between my toes - pretty sure it was fungus so I bought Kerassentials. I've been using it for a few days now and my feet are starting to look like a normal person's again. My skin also feels much softer and the annoying itching has finally stopped.

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Evelyn Hanson I've been suffering from nail fungus for a while now and have tried a few things but nothing has really helped. I came across Kerassentials via an advert and ordered it straight away. In the meantime, I'm as good as rid of the fungus and I can finally show off my feet again. I think the oil smells really nice and the delivery was quick. A clear recommendation!
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Mia Norris Okay, I never actually do this, but I just had to give kudos to Kerassentials! I've been struggling with this super annoying foot itch and nothing has helped. I applied some of the oil and it was like my foot let out a sigh of relief. 😌 I've seen something happen down there in about a week, which is crazy because I've tried so many things. Bonus points for making my normally crusty heels feel baby soft.
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Kerassentials in detail in the test – Our results

Although the product has received consistently positive reviews from consumers, we wanted to confirm our independent opinion through direct experience. We therefore embarked on a meticulously planned four-week Kerassentials test, accompanied by Ava, a 35-year-old woman who had been battling onychomycosis for almost twelve months, a condition which had unfortunately limited her participation in water activities and the wearing of sandals.


Week 1: During the first week prior to commencing the oil treatment, Ava was welcomed to our clinic for a comprehensive pre-trial assessment, which included photographic documentation to serve as a benchmark for the post-trial evaluation. We then meticulously instructed Ava on the correct application of the oil, following the manufacturer’s recommendation of four daily applications – twice in the morning and twice in the evening. For optimal absorption, we advised that the nail surface should be gently abraded before each application. After the first visit, we scheduled three more appointments with Ava.


Week 2: On the second week, almost a fortnight after the evaluation, we met with Ava again to monitor her progress. It was noted that the redness had significantly reduced and Ava reported a cessation of the previously incessant itching. Encouraged by these promising developments, we collectively decided to continue with the Kerassentials evaluation.


Week 3: At the start of the third week, Ava returned to us to assess the initial results of the trial. The examination revealed a marked improvement in the condition of Ava’s cuticles, which now showed fewer cracks and a noticeably smoother texture. Ava was particularly appreciative of the oil’s cooling sensation, which she credited with restoring her ability to enjoy uninterrupted sleep without the discomfort of itching.


Week 4: In the final week of the Kerassentials test, we conducted our final analysis of Ava’s condition. We took additional photographic evidence and compared these images with those taken at the start of the trial. The comparative analysis, through both clinical observation and photographic evidence, indicated a complete resolution of Ava’s nail fungus. Ava expressed great satisfaction with the outcome and our team was equally pleased to confirm the success of the trial with a definitive positive verdict.

Was Kerassentials developed by a medical professional?

According to the official Kerassentials website, the serum is the creation of Dr Kimberly Langdon. Although full details about her are scarce, references from credible sources indicate that she is an experienced medical practitioner with a distinguished research pedigree. Originally trained in dermatology, Dr Langdon’s discovery of the intrinsic link between skin and nail wellness catalysed her quest for an all-encompassing remedy.


Armed with her profound insights into pathogenic fungi and bacteria, Dr Langdon diligently curated the Kerassentials formulation. Guided by a wealth of scientific literature, she carefully selected powerful medicinal flora to provide individuals with an easily accessible and economically viable alternative to conventional drugs.



  • Cell renewal: Kerassentials helps eliminate senescent and dying cells, paving the way for revitalised skin.
  • Youthful radiance: Counteracts skin laxity for a firmer, more youthful complexion.
  • Anti-fungal properties: The formula provides a robust defence against skin and nail fungal infections.
  • Antioxidant rich: Enriched with powerful antioxidants and antibacterial agents, it actively fights fungi, harmful bacteria and viruses to protect your skin’s well-being.
  • Natural Healing Boost: Kerassentials boosts the body’s own healing powers, allowing faster recovery from skin and nail conditions.
  • Nail Shine and Resilience: Not only does it improve nail shine, it also strengthens the cuticle, making it more resistant to external aggressors.
  • Growth Enhancement: One of its myriad benefits is the promotion of robust hair and nail growth, ensuring they remain in prime health.
  • Creation of a defensive shield: Kerassentials creates a protective shield that strongly resists toxins, oxidative damage and the damaging effects of free radicals.
  • Holistic Restoration: Kerasentials plays a key role in repairing, revitalising and rejuvenating damaged hair and nails, restoring them to their original lustre.

Does Kerassentials really work?

When assessing the efficacy of Kerassentials, a compelling consensus emerges that underscores its laudable benefits. A wide range of users testify to its transformative qualities, attesting to its genuine power. With its carefully calibrated composition and ground-breaking strategy, the oil consistently demonstrates its ability to deliver on its claims.


The wealth of positive feedback from satisfied customers is further proof of its effectiveness, cementing the notion that the oil is not just a product, but a real solution. In a marketplace occasionally cluttered with overstated promises, Kerassentials shines as a paragon of genuine promise and verifiable results.


Effect and Benefits

Kerassentials, a groundbreaking solution in nail and foot care, has been praised for its dynamic fusion of nature-derived oils celebrated for their formidable antifungal capabilities. This harmonious blend targets and eliminates the root cause of fungal infections. A comprehensive list of these integral ingredients is transparently displayed on the product’s packaging and is also accessible via the company’s primary online portal.


When Kerassentials Oil is applied to the affected nail on a daily basis, its key ingredients work tirelessly to support the nail’s vitality and strength. Persistent adherence to this regimen helps to maintain the integrity of the nail and acts as a bulwark against potential fungal invasion.

Using Kerassentials is an intuitive process. The product is accompanied by a meticulously designed applicator brush that facilitates targeted and meticulous delivery to the affected zone. The rapid absorption of the oil leaves the nails free of any residue or unwanted odour, making it easy to incorporate into the daily routine.


In summary, Kerassentials positions itself as an organic and effective antidote for those seeking to rejuvenate the aesthetics and wellness of their nails. Through disciplined application, the oil rekindles the nails’ inherent luster and toughness while protecting them from fungal adversaries.

When does the kerassential effect occur?

Natural remedies often exhibit a more measured course of healing compared to the rapid relief typical of modern drugs such as analgesics or antibiotics. Holistic supplements, including Kerassentials, work progressively yet thoroughly, attacking the problem at its root and reducing the likelihood of recurrence.


Therefore, in order to reap the full benefits, individuals should faithfully adhere to the Kerassentials regimen for an estimated duration of two to three months. It’s important to understand that results can fluctuate due to many factors related to a person’s overall wellbeing. While some may experience rapid progress, there’s no guarantee that all users will experience the same results.


Nevertheless, individuals who maintain a balanced diet and engage in consistent physical activity may experience accelerated improvements. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle may enhance the beneficial effects of Kerassentials.

Kerassentials Application, Dosage and Essential Precautions

Each bottle of Kerassentials comes with an integrated applicator designed for ease of use and optimal application. Based on consumer testimonials, the recommended frequency is to apply the serum four times a day – twice in the morning and twice in the afternoon.


For enhanced efficacy, users can gently work the solution into the cuticle using a cotton swab. For better penetration, it’s recommended to gently sand the nail surface with an emery board to help the Kerassentials oil penetrate deeper. Following these simple guidelines will ensure nails that are not only shiny and strong, but also free of fungal infections.


Potential Side Effects

Kerassentials, a renowned natural anti-fungal supplement, boasts a composition of purely organic elements renowned for their efficacy against fungal infestations. The blend not only boosts the skin’s immunity, but also pinpoints the fundamental catalysts for fungal proliferation, ensuring their complete removal.


Having served countless satisfied customers, Kerassentials stands out with an unblemished record of zero reported adverse reactions. Manufactured in an FDA-approved and GMP-validated facility using state-of-the-art machinery, its ingredients are subjected to rigorous testing to ensure unparalleled quality and purity. Proudly made in the USA, each ingredient is meticulously documented on the label, giving users a transparent insight into its proven safety and efficacy.

Kerassentials ingredients and active ingredients

Widely praised in consumer feedback, the Oil features a robust formulation of scientifically authenticated and rigorously tested 100% organic ingredients, synergised with hand-selected minerals. For ease and clarity of use, these ingredients are meticulously documented on the product label. Free from GMOs, artificial ingredients and stimulants, Kerassentials delivers a refined formula designed for maximum effectiveness.

  • DL-Alpha Tocopherol: This stabilised form of vitamin E, DL-Alpha Tocopherol, is a key player in the fight against vitamin deficiency. It promotes skin health by maintaining hydration, preventing the appearance of fine lines and reducing inflammation.
  • Lavender Oil: Beyond its olfactory charms, Kerassentials' Lavender Oil (Lavandula angustifolia) is recognised for its potent antimicrobial properties that counteract and inhibit the proliferation of harmful bacteria and fungi. It strengthens nail keratin and supports holistic nail and skin health.
  • Isopropyl Palmitate: A cornerstone in dermatological products and cosmetic formulations, isopropyl palmitate targets the genesis of fungal disease, promoting clear and resilient skin while maintaining optimal nail health.
  • Lemongrass Oil: Kerassentials' Lemongrass Oil (Cymbopogon citratus), with its storied therapeutic and culinary heritage, has pronounced antifungal properties. It's critical in fighting conditions like athlete's foot and ringworm, while also preventing subsequent infections and reducing inflammation.
  • Organic Linseed Oil: Known for its medicinal lineage, organic flaxseed oil (Linum usitatissimum) is lauded for its dermatological virtues. Clinical studies highlight its effectiveness in improving skin texture and hydration, while soothing skin irritation. Its immunity-boosting and anti-inflammatory properties reinforce its position as a dermatological wonder.
  • Almond Oil: Loaded with vitamin B-7 (biotin), Kerassentials' Almond Oil (Prunus amygdalus) strengthens nails. Its intrinsic antifungal properties provide an effective shield against infection, while its antioxidant-rich profile helps to negate oxidative stress.
  • Undecylenic acid: Valued for its ability to heal dermatological conditions, undecylenic acid relieves symptoms such as itching and redness. Its strong antifungal properties make it a revered remedy for conditions such as athlete's foot.
  • Tea Tree Oil: Celebrated worldwide for its therapeutic properties, Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca alternifolia) is distinguished by its superior antimicrobial properties. It provides a robust defence mechanism against bacterial and fungal invasion and naturally masks the foul odours associated with nail conditions. Empirical studies confirm its efficacy against nail fungus.
  • Aloe Vera: Internationally recognised for its many benefits, Kerassentials' Aloe Vera has robust antifungal properties. Its inherent properties maintain skin elasticity and hydration, with its antiviral and antiseptic properties further enhancing its effectiveness.

Where can you buy Kerassentials & what is the price?

Exclusive to its official online portal – accessible via the link provided – Kerassentials remains unavailable on alternative platforms such as Amazon or at brick and mortar establishments such as local pharmacies. Consumers are advised to be wary of unauthorised sellers and to rely solely on the official website for secure transactions.


The Price range from $69.00 to $49.00, depending on the volume purchased. Single bottle purchases are charged at a premium, while bulk orders offer the most economical rate per unit. Free shipping is offered to customers within the United States, while global shipments are subject to standard freight charges. Domestic shipments typically arrive within three to five business days. Conversely, international shipments can take up to three weeks.


For individuals seeking reassurance of Kerassentials efficacy, the single-bottle option offers a reliable indicator. Savvy consumers may opt for the three- or six-bottle packs, saving up to $20 per unit. These bundles also preclude recurring orders, as the company does not adhere to automated subscription frameworks.


In the face of widespread concerns about digital commerce, the company is passionate about its commitment to customer confidence. Their belief in the calibre of the product is reflected in a comprehensive refund policy for dissatisfied customers. However, this refund policy is limited to 60 days after purchase and only applies to purchases made through the official portal. Purchases from unauthorised vendors are clearly excluded from this provision. To claim a refund, the transaction ID must be validated against the company’s own sales ledger.


A dedicated customer support team is on hand to assist both prospective and experienced customers. For any clarifications, please channel your queries to Kerassentials, ensuring a thorough encapsulation of your concerns and required contact coordinates. A company representative will get back to you promptly.

Key Facts

  • Product name: Kerassentials
  • Type: Advanced Nail and Health Support Formula
  • Ingredients contained:
    • Tea tree oil
    • DL-alpha-Tocopherol
    • Isopropyl Palmitate
    • Lavender oil
    • Aloe vera
    • Organic flaxseed oil
    • Lemongrass oil
    • Undecylenic Acid
    • Almond oil
  • The principle behind the formula: Kerassentials targets the root cause of toenail fungus, ensuring complete eradication from your body.
  • Benefits offered:
    • Supports nail regrowth
    • Effectively treats toenail fungus infections
    • Eliminates yellow stains on nails
    • Inhibits fungal mutation
    • Boosts immunity of nails and skin
    • Prevents fungus from spreading to the skin
  • Refund policy: 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Quality standard:
    • Free from artificial stimulants and chemical substances
    • Formulated exclusively with premium natural ingredients
    • Manufactured in a FDA-approved and GMP-certified facility
  • Pricing:
    • 30-day supply: One bottle for $69
    • 90-day supply: Three bottles for $59 per bottle
    • 180-day supply: Six bottles for $49 per bottle
  • Shipping charges: Free shipping
  • Ideal dosage: Apply four times a day
  • Customer support: [email protected]
  • Official website address:

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy Kerassentials from Amazon or other online retailers?

No, the exclusive platform for purchasing Kerassentials is the brand’s official website. This direct sales strategy ensures product authenticity, consistent quality and affordability by cutting out the middleman. Remember, for genuine products and to benefit from the money back guarantee, always order directly from the official website.

Can I track the shipping status of my Kerassentials order?

Of course you can. Once your order is placed, you’ll receive a tracking number and a special link in your email within 60 hours. This will allow you to track the status of your order at any time.

What is the return policy for Kerassentials?

Kerassentials comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. If the product doesn’t meet your expectations, simply contact the company, return the bottles and receive a full refund.

What is the recommended usage of Kerassentials?

To maximise the benefits of Kerassentials, apply the serum to the intended area using the applicator provided. For better penetration, it’s best to use a cotton bud to gently massage the formula into the cuticle. For maximum effectiveness, consider lightly filing the nail surface with an emery board before applying the serum.

Do I have to make recurring payments for Kerassentials?

No, your purchase of Kerassentials is a one-time transaction. There are no hidden costs, subscriptions or recurring fees. You will only be charged for what you order.


Kerassentials Review

Kerassentials has emerged as a powerful solution in the fungicide arena, particularly for those seeking healthy hair and nails. Its robust capabilities in tackling problems such as athlete’s foot, protecting nails from fungal attack and its ability to combat various harmful pathogens make it an essential tool for many.


But it’s not just the anti-fungal properties that stand out; the rejuvenating aspects of Kerassentials offer a ray of hope for frequent manicurists and pedicurists, ensuring that nails not only stay healthy, but also radiate natural beauty. The use of all-natural ingredients, combined with meticulous manufacturing processes that prioritise safety and hygiene, has cemented its reputation in the marketplace. This is reinforced by the overwhelming wave of positive feedback from users, many of whom have seen transformational results in a surprisingly short time.


Its attractiveness is further enhanced by its cost-effective pricing, backed by a reassuring money-back guarantee. Prospective users can take solace in the many glowing testimonials available on the official website, with several patrons observing marked improvements within just one week of incorporating Kerassentials into their regimes.


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