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Using the best penis extender device could help you to achieve greater penile length and potentially some additional girth for more impressive, more powerful, and more visually appealing erections.


You may be wondering, exactly, how is that possible?


Well, the answer lies in a scientifically supported tissue elongation technique known as the traction method.


According to a clinical review published in Therapeutic Advances in Urology, numerous clinical studies have demonstrated that penile extender devices, using the traction method, can help men achieve larger penises, with some men gaining more than an inch in length.


With no reported pain and no reported negative side effects, the best penis extender devices can be worn for just a few hours a day, applying a gentle stretch to the penile tissue.


In time, that gentle stretching should help you experience some seriously significant lengthening that will have your sexual partners in awe of your improved growth and enhanced sexual prowess.


Are you ready to discover the best penis extender device to help you maximize your potential today?


The Best Penis Extender Device—3 Elite Products

      Best Product
  Jes Extender Image Table Phallosan Forte Image Table Pro Extender Image Table
Product Jes-Extender
Phallosan Forte
Pro Extender
Effects Increase size
Improve erection
Improve trust
Increase size
Increase girth
For all sizes
Length up to 19 %
Girth up to 19 %
No recovery time
Side Effects
✓ NO side effects ✓ NO side effects NO side effects
Content 1 Extender Full Kit 1 Extender
Price 249,99 USD
379,00 USD
189,00 USD
Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  Buy now Buy now Buy now

We spent numerous hours seeking out the best penis extender device available on the market right now.


We’ve discovered 3 elite, high-quality devices that should help you lengthen and strengthen your penile tissue and, subsequently, your erectile capacity with no known negative side effects.


The 3 best penis extenders are:


#1 ProExtender—Highest Quality Device
#2 Phallosan Forte—Best Results
#2 JES-Extender—Best For The European Market
#3 Male Edge—Best Economy Package


We’ve found ProExtender to be the premier product among penis extender devices. With its ergonomic design, comfortable fit, medical-grade design, and a massive following of happy users, the ProExtender is genuinely the best penis extender device on the market.


However, all 3 of the penis extender devices on our list are undoubtedly high-end products that should help you to tack on some impressive improvements where it counts most.


The Best Penis Extender Devices Use The Traction Method

We’ve discussed the traction method briefly above. However, we wouldn’t blame you if you’re still wondering precisely how it may help elongate penile tissue and ultimately boost penile length.


So, here’s how it works.


The traction method is a research-supported and widely accepted process for inducing tissue elongation. It works by gently stretching the targeted tissue, which is set into a fixed position before a light tension is applied.


In time, this stretching induces the cellular division process known as mitosis. Through this physiological process, cells divide and regenerate in an expanded form, creating elongated tissue as a result.


The traction method has been used historically for various purposes, including elongating skeletal muscles, skin, and bones. Within the last 20 years or so, science has begun to show that it can also be applied to help men enhance penile length.


According to a clinical review authored by urologists, “PTT [Penile Traction Therapy] provides an acceptable, minimally invasive method that can produce effective and durable lengthening of the penis in men”.


So, if you’re interested in maximizing the length of your penis with no known negative side effects, the best penis extender device could be your best bet.


#1 ProExtender—Highest Quality Device

Product details:

  • Length Up To 29%
  • Girth Up To 19%
  • No Revovery Time
  • Price: 189 USD

ProExtender, a medical-grade device designed and manufactured by a company with more than 20 years of experience building elite health products, ranks as our overall best penis extender device.


This penis extension system is so good that doctors have recommended it to men who are in search of adding a little extra where it really counts.


ProExtender is easy to slip on and off and comfortable to wear. Plus, it could help you achieve numerous penile benefits.


Typical ProExtender benefits may include:


  • Significant Lengthening Of Penile Tissue
  • Augmented Penile Girth
  • Substantial Penile Straightening
  • More Visually Appealing Erections
  • Greater Sexual Satisfaction For You & Your Partner


Some benefits may occur in just 2-3 weeks. However, as with all the best penis extender devices, long-term consistent usage should result in more significant benefits.


If you’re in the market for a penis extender device, we’d wholeheartedly recommend ProExtender.


Design Features & How To Use

ProExtender is a certified medical-grade device utilizing surgical-grade steel extension rods, a durable plastic base support, a comfortable soft silicon ring to secure your penis in place, and easily adjustable steel knobs to strengthen or reduce penile tension.


You will begin by assembling your ProExtender, which takes only a minute or so. Every ProExtender package comes with assembly directions and a QR code you can scan to watch an instructional video on the proper assembly and utilization of the device.


Once the best penis extender device is assembled, you’ll slide the head of your penis through the base support piece so the base of the device is snugly positioned against your pubic area, with the head of your penis resting on the supportive end piece (between the adjustable steel rods).


Now you can fasten the soft silicone strap to firmly hold the head of your penis in place and adjust the surgical-grade steel rods to the point where you feel a slight tug or stretch to your penile tissue.


The proper setting to achieve full traction and the subsequent mitosis (cell division) needed for elongation will vary from man to man. Check out the ProExtender instructional video, available when you scan the included QR code, to learn which tension setting may be best for you.


However, as we stated, you should generally position the tension rods to a point where you feel a slight tug, which will be enough to help induce mitosis and cellular elongation.


You can comfortably wear the ProExtender at any time, including while:


  • Walking
  • Sitting
  • Standing
  • Sleeping
  • Working


The sleek, ergonomic design of ProExtender makes it not only comfortable but also indiscernible to others, as it inconspicuously rests underneath your undergarments and pants or shorts.

User Reviews

ProExtender has built up a following of dedicated users thanks to the successful penile lengthening outcomes that the best penis extender device has helped them achieve.


Here’s what some ProExtender men had to say:


  • Benjamin L. said

“ProExtender is an excellent penile extension device. Initially, I wasn’t sure about it, but I was pleasantly surprised when I received my order. It’s sturdily made and comfortable to wear. After a couple of months, my penis was noticeably larger, and my wife was amazed. Check this thing out if you want to add some size and perform better.”


  • Lamar G. said

“I tried a couple of penis extender devices in the past, and they weren’t well-made. ProExtender, on the other hand, is super high-quality. It feels good to wear, and you can tell it’s well-built with quality materials. I’m definitely bigger now than I was before. ProExtender is for sure the best penis extender device out there if you ask me.”


Nearly all ProExtender users we heard from echoed sentiments similar to those of these guys. And we were told on numerous occasions that ProExtender has to be the best penis extender device available.


Satisfaction Guarantee

ProExtender has an excellent money-back satisfaction guarantee redeemable for up to 6 months.


This generous offer allows you to order and use your ProExtender before judging if it’s working for you.


If you’re unhappy with the results, you can send back the device within the 6-month time frame and receive a refund of the purchase price.


Based on this money-back satisfaction guarantee, it’s clear that the manufacturer has the utmost confidence in their product and is willing to eat the loss if it doesn’t help you.



ProExtender is priced competitively with many of the best penis extender devices and is certainly a great value at this price point.


The “Basic Package,” which contains the ProExtender and all supporting pieces, costs $189.00.


The “Deluxe Package” provides the ProExtender with all supporting pieces and a pair of male enhancement pill products that may help you to have more powerful erections and greater semen volume. This costs $229.00.


The “Ultimate Package” includes everything in the “Deluxe Package” plus the ProExtender Lifetime Membership, where you can learn new bonus techniques and penile-enhancing training methods. On top of that, you’ll also get 1 on 1 online coaching with the ProExtender team’s Male Enlargement Coach, AJ Alfaro.


Where To Purchase

We’d recommend ordering from the official ProExtender webpage. That’s where you’ll find the lowest prices, the money-back satisfaction guarantee, and excellent customer service.


Additionally, they offer free shipping in the continental USA on some orders and discreet shipping, where your ProExtender will be dropped in a generic box on your doorstep.

#2 Phallosan Forte—Best Results

Phallosan Forte
Product details:

  • Acts gently and effectively
  • Can be worn for long periods
  • Comfortable to wear day and night
  • Price: 379 USD

The Phallosan Forte, made from medical grade materials, is an enlargement device that claims a number of benefits. According to the manufacturer, the device is designed to


  • Increase penis size
  • Improve the quality of erections
  • Improve self-esteem by increasing penis size
  • Reduce the potential side effects of urological surgery
  • Correct Peyronie’s disease, a condition characterized by penile curvature


The company claims that Phallosan Forte accommodates all penis sizes, ensuring a comfortable fit. In addition, it is promoted as a discreet option for public wear and is said to be suitable for overnight use for up to 12 hours.


Design Features & How To Use

The Phallosan Forte stands out for its comfort, especially due to its user-friendly protective sheaths and seamless entry into the suction cup with minimal sensation. This is in contrast to simple traction devices that can impede blood flow around the glans.


A key feature is the traction force management strap, which allows for easy adjustments before discomfort sets in. The belt’s versatile positioning options enhance discretion under clothing, which is especially beneficial for comfortable overnight wear.


Unlike most penis enlargement devices, the Phallosan Forte eschews a clamp in favor of a suction cup on the glans that is attached to a waist belt. This configuration, worn for up to 12 hours a day, does not restrict blood flow and allows for comfortable use during sleep.


The device induces painless, microscopic tears in the penile shaft, promoting cell regeneration and resulting in gradual enlargement over time.


User Reviews

As Phallosan Forte has gained popularity over the years, many men have shared their experiences with this innovative penis enlargement system.


Check out what some Phallosan Forte users have to say:


  • Frank T. said,

“I have been using Phallosan Forte for quite some time now and I must say that it has contributed significantly to increasing the length of my penis. Not only that, but it has added a new dimension to my intimate life. It may be a bit embarrassing to discuss, but I wholeheartedly recommend Phallossan Forte to all my friends. Every man should try it.”


  • Valentin R. said,

“Gone are the days when I felt self-conscious about exposing myself. Since incorporating Phallosan Forte into my routine, I’ve gained confidence in showing off the results and my partner appreciates the increased pleasure my size brings. In my opinion, Phallosan Forte stands out as the best penis enlargement device available.”


The majority of Phallosan Forte reviews we came across were filled with praise for the device’s ability to help lengthen, straighten, and boost men’s confidence. Some users even mentioned that they have been loyal to Phallosan Forte for an extended period of time.


Satisfaction Guarantee

Phallosan Forte users have the right to revoke their contract within fourteen days without giving reasons. The revocation period begins fourteen days after the day on which the user or a third party designated by the user takes delivery of the goods, with the exception of the carrier.



The Phallosan Forte Kit, priced at $379, includes a comprehensive set of devices essential for beginning a penis enlargement program:


  • Adjustable buckle
  • Protector caps
  • Suction pump with three-way valve
  • Travel bag
  • Elastic belt and foam ring
  • Comprehensive instruction manual
  • Belt adapter, which can connect to suction bells
  • Penis-measuring template
  • Three suction bells, which come in small, medium, and large
  • Tension clip (with tension spring attachment)
  • Two-year warranty


For a slightly lower cost of about $20, an alternative option is the PeniMaster Pro Complete Set, which works on a similar principle to the Phallosan Forte. It’s worth noting, however, that the PeniMaster in its complete set exerts a significantly lower traction force – 1,150g compared to Phallosan’s 3,000g.


The company offers an attachable weight set to increase the pulling force of the PeniMaster, but we have reservations about this configuration. Its bulkiness for storage, complicated setup process, and increased risk of injury due to potential misuse detract from its practicality.


Where To Purchase

To purchase Phallosan Forte, it is imperative to place an order exclusively through the manufacturer’s official website. The device is not available through alternative sources.


The manufacturer explicitly points out that counterfeit versions are sporadically circulating on platforms such as eBay. The use of such counterfeit products is strongly discouraged due to the high health risks associated with their inferior quality.

#3 JES-Extender—Best For The European Market

Product details:

  • Increase in penile size
  • Helps to improve erection
  • Helps to improve confidence
  • Price: 249,99 USD

The JES-Extender was one of the first penis extension devices employing the traction method to come to market. That was way back in the mid-1990s, and since that time, this high-quality product has assisted many men in achieving improved penile length.


Made in Denmark, the JES-Extender has primarily catered to the European market and may be ideal for men in that part of the world who need a little support to experience potentially huge gains.


Typical JES-Extender benefits may include:


  • Expansion In Penile Length
  • More Aesthetic Erections
  • Reduced Penile Curvature
  • Enhanced Sexual Satisfaction


Like many of the best penis extender devices, you may notice some of these benefits in just a few weeks, assuming daily usage. However, sizable lengthening and straightening may take a few months or so.


If you’re looking to utilize a traction-method-based penile extender, JES-Extender is a great option, especially for European-based users.


Design Features & How To Use

Originally designed to prevent ligament retraction from occurring in men who had undergone penile surgery, professionals began to notice the JES-Extender could be utilized to induce mitosis and enhance penile length.


Following that observation, it was repurposed and distributed to men looking to add length and correct penile curvature.


The device itself utilizes a sturdy plastic base ring, a pair of modifiable steel tension bars, a comfortable plastic head support piece, and a fastener piece that is used to hold the penis in place.


After assembling your JES-Extender, you’ll slide the shaft of your penis through the plastic base ring and adjust the steel rods so that the head of your penis rests on the head support piece.


After adjusting the steel tension bars to the proper setting, you can secure the fastener piece to the head support piece to lock your penis in place.


And that’s all it takes for mitosis and penile elongation to begin.


You’ll want to wear the device for about 5-6 hours daily to see noticeable lengthening, straightening, and other benefits.


JES-Extender can be worn under boxer shorts and pants. If you have a non-physical job, you’ll be able to wear the second-best penis extender device while you work. It can also be worn while you sleep.


User Reviews

Since JES-Extender has been around for more than 2 decades, plenty of men have had the chance to use this penis extension system.


Here’s what some JES-Extender men had to say:


  • Peter K. said

“I love my JES-Extender device. I’ve used it for some time now, and it’s aided in substantially lengthening my penis while also making my sex life better. It’s kind of embarrassing to bring up, but I’d definitely recommend it to all my mates. Every guy should try the JES-Extender.”


  • Henrik S. said

“I used to be afraid to drop my trousers in front of a woman. Since I started using the JES-Extender, I’ve been eager to show off the goods, and they appreciate the pleasure my size provides them. The JES-Extender has to be the best penis extender device around, as far as I’m concerned.”


The vast majority of JES-Extender reviews we encountered were simply gushing about the lengthening, straightening, and confidence benefits this device aided men in achieving. A few men even told us they had been using the JES-Extender for years.


Satisfaction Guarantee

JES-Extender has a good money-back satisfaction guarantee covering you for up to 6 months.


The only “catch” is that you must use the device as directed (600 hours of training at average traction) in order to apply for your refund.


They will accept photographic evidence of usage and proper tension settings before issuing you a refund of the purchase price.


The money-back satisfaction guarantee is nice, but the need to prove “proper usage” before applying for the refund is obviously a detraction.



JES-Extender is priced slightly above average when compared to many of the best penis extender devices.


The JES-Extender “Light” comes with the penis extender device and its ancillary pieces for $199.99.


The JES-Extender “Original” comes with the penis extender device and its ancillary pieces but also provides an enhanced silicone fastener strap for greater comfort and stability, plus access to online instructional videos, both of which won’t be available in the “Light” package. This sells for $229.99.


The JES-Extender “Gold” provides everything you get in the JES-Extender “Original,” but it’s made from 24-carat gold. The “Gold” package also provides cohesive gauze and a velcro strap for $349.99.


Where To Purchase

We’d advise ordering from the official JES-Extender website. You’ll get the lowest prices, the satisfaction guarantee, and discreet delivery methods there.


We should note that shipping times outside Europe may be longer than those within the continent.

#4 Male Edge—Best Economy Package

Male Edge
Product details:

  • Increase length and girth
  • Corrects penis curvature
  • Wearable while working and sleeping
  • Price: 149 USD

The Male Edge penis extension system ranks as our third-best penis extender device. This reliable product offers a great economy package, which may provide lengthening support at a discount rate.


If you’re interested in finding great value and the chance to add length, straightening, and possibly some girth to your penis, the Male Edge device is a good option.


Typical Male Edge benefits may include:


  • Expanded Penis Length
  • Minimized Penis Curvature
  • Stronger Erectile Quality
  • Better Sexual Pleasure


With continuous daily use, you may notice some reduced curvature and slightly improved length in your erect penis in a few weeks’ time. However, significantly tangible results likely won’t occur for a few months.


The Male Edge device is a solidly-designed penis extender utilizing the traction method, available at a good price. That’s why we believe it’s among the best penis extender devices.


Design Features & How To Use

With its lightweight design, the Male Edge penile extender allows users to apply the traction method in relative comfort and concealment, meaning it can be worn in many situations, regardless of whether you’re at home or in the office.


The base of the Male Edge Penis extender device is made with lightweight but resilient plastic, which connects to a pair of part metal, part plastic extension rods butting up against the plastic end piece (where the head of your penis rests).


You’ll find easy-to-use plastic click adjustment buttons on either side of the plastic base ring, which allow you to control the penile tension settings seamlessly.


As with all of the best penis extender devices, you’ll need to assemble the device before putting it on. Once assembled, you’ll slide your flaccid penis through the lightweight plastic base piece and secure your penis in the plastic end piece before adjusting the tension settings to your liking.


Again, you should feel a slight tug on your penile tissue, which helps to stimulate mitosis and eventual elongation.


It’s recommended to wear the Male Edge penis extender device for several hours a day, at a taut tension setting, for the best results.


You can easily wear this device under most clothing options. However, it may be difficult to conceal under some types of pants, such as tight-fitting jeans.


User Reviews

The Male Edge penis extension system has received mostly positive reviews since it reached the market.


Here’s what some Male Edge men had to say:


  • Rowan C. said

“I use my Male Edge penis extension device every day. It weighs very little and is pretty comfortable to wear around the house. I’ve noticed I’ve picked up a little length and corrected some of my curvature recently. My girlfriend is happy with the results, as am I. I’d recommend the Male Edge to any guy.”


  • Omar A. said

“I’ve always been lacking a little in the length department. So, I began using the Male Edge a year ago. It’s easy to use and has helped me add a full centimeter down there. I plan to continue using this penis extender for the foreseeable future.”


Nearly all the Male Edge reviews we heard sounded similar to these. Many men were happy with the comfort and the results this penis extender device brought them. A couple of guys even told us their buddies use it, too.


Satisfaction Guarantee

Male Edge has a good satisfaction guarantee that allows you to collect a refund of the purchase price within 6 months, assuming you meet the manufacturer’s criteria to apply.


Like some of the other best penis extender devices, you must prove you’ve used the Male Edge penis extender for at least 600 hours as directed in order to receive your refund.


They ask that you provide photo documentation of using the product, with before and after measurements, to prove it hasn’t worked for you.


Again, this money-back guarantee is nice, but the requirement to provide proof of usage may be a bit off-putting.



The Male Edge penis extender comes priced below the median for the best penis extender devices.


The Male Edge “Basic,” which includes the penis extension device and its supporting parts, costs $149.00.


The Male Edge “Extra” comes in a sleek green and black design with an extra penile support strap and a handy travel bag to carry the device around with you. This sells for $174.00.


The Male Edge “Pro” includes everything you get in the “Extra” but with a red and black design and accessories like 2 additional penile support straps, protective gauze, and 2 changeable base rings for added comfort and less cleaning. This package costs $199.00


Where To Purchase

We suggest purchasing from the official Male Edge homepage for the lowest prices and the money-back satisfaction guarantee.

Fast, discreet shipping is available in most places.

Why Is ProExtender The Best Penis Extender Device?

After our thorough examination process, we found that all the evidence pointed toward ProExtender being the best penis extender device money can buy.

Why is that, you ask?

Here’s why:

  • ProExtender has earned doctor recommendations
  • ProExtender is a certified medical-grade device
  • ProExtender utilizes surgical-grade steel tension rods
  • ProExtender allows a great range of motion
  • ProExtender can be worn under many forms of clothing
  • ProExtender has the best satisfaction guarantee
  • ProExtender is moderately priced (great value for the price point)

For these reasons, we determined that ProExtender is the premier penis extender device and could yield impressive benefits for your penile length and other facets of penile wellness.

So, is there anything wrong with the ProExtender?

The only downside we discovered was that ProExtender can only be ordered online. You won’t find it in your local brick-and-mortar shop. However, the official ProExtender webpage offers excellent deals and free shipping on some orders in the continental USA.

Plus, the official ProExtender webpage takes your privacy seriously. That’s why they deliver your ProExtender penile device directly to your door in a nondescript package.

To put it simply, if you’re looking for the best penis extender device, we believe ProExtender is the clear-cut #1 choice.


The Best Penis Extender Device FAQs

How does the best penis extender device lengthen the penis?

The best penis extender devices employ a scientifically substantiated tissue elongation practice known as the traction method. Essentially, this means they place the penis in a fixed position and apply a gentle stretch, which induces cellular division and, over time, elongation.

Does the traction method have negative side effects?

No, the traction method has no known negative side effects.

Can I urinate while wearing a penis extender device?

Yes, the best penis extender devices allow you enough freedom of motion to use the bathroom.

Can I have sex while using a penis extender device?

Penis extender devices can easily be removed prior to having sexual intercourse. It should not inhibit your sex life in any way, shape, or form.

When will I notice results with a penis extender?

It can depend on the specific device. However, most penis extender devices should yield some results in a few weeks, with greater results following in a few months.

Final Thoughts On The Best Penis Extender Device For Penile Elongation

The best penis extender devices apply the traction method, a research-supported practice, to assist in elongating penile tissue.


These devices can help you to achieve larger, more robust erections and likely a better overall sex life.


We would recommend ProExtender as the overall best penis extender device. If you’re interested in maximizing your results in comfort at a competitive price point with no reported negative side effects, ProExtender is your choice.


Life is too short to be embarrassed to show off your “manhood.” If that’s an issue for you, the best penis extender should help you to overcome that fear.



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