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The WHO Regional Office for Europe has prepared a new strategy geared towards increasing the level of physical activity amongst European citizens. The impetus for this initiative is strong, as estimates indicate that the lifestyles of over one third of European adults are not sufficiently active. The strategy focuses on physical activity as a leading factor in health and well-being in the European Region, with particular attention to the burden of non-communicable diseases associated with insufficient activity levels and sedentary behaviour. It aims to cover all forms of physical activity throughout the life-course. The strategy seeks to engage governments and stakeholders across a multitude of sectors.

For the 2016-2025 period, the WHO Regional Office for Europe will assist Member States to develop or expand strategies and action plans to promote physical activity and reduce sedentary behaviours. The strategy highlights the importance of ensuring safe and accessible environments that support physical activity. It also recognises the need to remove barriers to physical activity and to provide equal opportunities for physical activity regardless of gender, age, income, education, ethnicity or disability.

More information is available in the official document: Physical activity strategy for the WHO European Region: 2016–2025.

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