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The WHO Regional Office for Europe has prepared a report highlighting the latest evidence on maternal nutrition and the prevention of obesity and non-communicable disease. The report’s findings demonstrate that women’s nutrition during pregnancy affects their children’s long-term health. In particular, the report outlines that maternal overweight status, obesity, excessive gestational weight and gestational diabetes adversely impact children’s health during infancy and increase their risk of developing obesity and non-communicable diseases during adulthood. As non-communicable diseases are the primary cause of death and disability in the WHO European Region, the need to reduce their impact is critical.

The report reviews existing recommendations for nutrition, physical activity and weight gain during pregnancy in European countries. The report also proposes possible opportunities for action in European countries to promote nutrition and health throughout the life course, ensure optimal diet-related foetal development and reduce the impact of non-communicable diseases by improving maternal nutritional health.

More information is available in the official document: Good maternal nutrition. The best start in life (2016) 


Good maternal health

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