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The publication of the European health report every three years is an opportunity to focus on progress towards genuine health and well-being for all. The report gives a vital snapshot of health in the WHO European Region. It shows trends and progress towards the goals of Health 2020, the European health policy, and reveals some gaps in progress, inequalities and areas of concern and uncertainty, where action must be taken.

The 2015 report shows that improvements in health continue throughout the European Region. It also clearly identifies the European Region to still have the highest rates of alcohol consumption and tobacco smoking in the world. The 2015 report continues the discussion started by the 2012 report on the concept of well-being within the Health 2020 framework. It presents the first results on subjective and objective well-being in the context of Health 2020, and explores innovative ways policy-makers can address the challenge of measuring it as well as examines how culture may influence health and well-being.

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