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This global status report conducted by the WHO is the second in a triennial series tracking worldwide progress in prevention and control of noncommunicable diseases (NCDs). The report shows the urgency for countries to make progress on different targets to attain the overarching target of a 25% reduction of premature mortality from the four major NCDs (cardiovascular diseases, cancer, chronic respiratory diseases and diabetes) by 2025.

WHO Member States have agreed on a time-bound set of nine voluntary global targets to be attained by 2025. Chapters 1 to 9 of the report examine each of these targets, while chapter 10 and 11 focus on action plans to attain these NCD targets. The report also showcases a comprehensive global monitoring framework with 25 indicators.

The targets address risk factors like the harmful use of alcohol, insufficient physical activity or tobacco use. In addition, they call for a halt the rise in diabetes and of obesity, and improve coverage of treatment for prevention of heart attacks and strokes. There is also one target for the improved availability and affordability of technologies and essential medicines to manage NCDs.

Access the global status report on NCDs here.

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