Prevention and Care

Improve coordination and cooperation among Member States to act on diabetes, including the exchange of good practices across the EU.


This report presents a set of quality criteria to assess whether an intervention, policy, strategy, program, as well as processes and practices, can be regarded as a “good practice” in the field of diabetes prevention and care. These criteria have also been the basis to formulate recommendations to implement practices to improve prevention and quality of care for people with diabetes.

The process followed a structured methodology involving the WP7 community, and experts from a wide number of organizations across Europe and from a variety of professional backgrounds.

The quality criteria and the recommendations presented in this report constitute a tool for decision makers, health care providers, patients and their associations, and health care personnel to support implementation of good practices, and to improve, monitor, and evaluate the quality of diabetes prevention and care.

They can be applied in countries with different political, administrative, social and health care organization, and could potentially be used in other chronic diseases.

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Annali, the journal of the Italian National Institute of Health, has published a short monograph on diabetes, realised with the contribution of the WP7 task leaders. Annali is an indexed, peer reviewed, open access journal. The papers focus on the aspects of “quality criteria” and “indicators” as essential tools to monitor the quality of care for people with diabetes. The paper on National diabetes plans outlines the relevance of NDP as a comprehensive action plan to improving diabetes policy, services and outcomes.


Read the papers:

SWOT Analysis

A qualitative analysis of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) of national or sub-national policies and programmes on prevention and management of diabetes.

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Good Practices

WP7 has identified a set of potential good practices for prevention and management of diabetes which are currently summarised in this report.

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Report on practices

A report with the results of the survey on practices for prevention and management of diabetes

Download the report and the Appendix

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