Life expectancy in the EU is higher than ever before, due in part to good and improving healthcare. However, the co-occurrence of multiple chronic conditions in one person, i.e. multimorbidity, has become increasingly common as well. 65% of people over 65 are affected by multimorbidity. This number rises to 85% for the 85-year-old group.

Complex healthcare needs of multimorbid patients require the involvement of a large number of healthcare providers and a vast amount of resources. Often patient care is fragmented, expensive and fails to respond to the needs of the patient. While there are examples of comprehensive care programs being implemented in relatively small populations, there are no widely accepted care models available across the EU Member States, due to organisational differences.

The aim of this JA-CHRODIS work package (WP 6) is to review existing patient-centred comprehensive care programs in order to identify the needs of the participating countries’ healthcare systems. The aim is also to advise on the best possible care models for multimorbid patients, taking into account outcomes, cost-effectiveness, applicability and replicability.

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