Multimorbidity Care Model

Development of a new comprehensive care model that responds to unmet needs for improved care and coordination and better support to self-management of patients.

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Care pathways approaches

Report on care pathways approaches for multimorbid chronic patients, which describes the activities performed by WP6 to develop common guidance and methodologies for care pathways for multimorbid patients.

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Applicability Report

The Multimorbidity Care Model Applicability Assessment across Different Healthcare Settings report aims to guide the development of a widely applicable integrated care model specifically designed for multimorbid patients. It allows to better understand the suitability of the created care model across the different healthcare settings in the EU and sets the scene for the now planned implementation of the care model in different EU countries.

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MCM Application

Application of JA-CHRODIS Multimorbidity Care Model to a case study of diabetes and mental health.

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