The main JA-CHRODIS target groups are (i) policy makers in Ministries of Health, (ii) health care professionals and health care managers and (iii) other interested stakeholders like care-givers, patients and researchers. JA-CHRODIS dissemination activities will ensure that these groups are aware of and engaged in the Joint Action, so that it can make a sustainable impact on policy making and in the prevention and more effective treatment of cardiovascular disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and multimorbid conditions across the EU.

JA-CHRODIS will be communicated and disseminated via e.g. this website, a bi-yearly newsletter, publications and presentations and through social media channels. Dissemination is a horizontal activity that is a responsibility of all JA-CHRODIS associated and collaborating partners.

Further information on the JA-CHRODIS dissemination activities can be found in the JA-CHRODIS Communication Strategy. Our communication tools already developed are available here. For JA-CHRODIS partners, we have developed a guidance document for stakeholder mapping, which can be found here.

The report of our activities in 2014 can be downloaded here.
The report of our activities in 2015 is available here.

WP2 partner EIWH also aimed to maximise the results from JA-CHRODIS by reviewing the current methods and tools available to the various health professionals involved in the prevention, management and control of diabetes and who interact with patients at different times in this process. The results of the review are available in the report Pilot Research Project Results

WP 2 Leaders



Anna and Ingrid

Anna and Ingrid


Associated Partners

  • Instituto de Salud Carlos III (ISCIII), Spain
  • Ministero della Salute (MINSAL), Italy
  • European Patients Forum (EPF), Belgium
  • European Institute of Womens Health (EIWH), Ireland
  • European Regional and Local Health Authorities (EUREGHA), Belgium

Collaborating Partners

  • Universidade de Coimbra, Portugal
  • Universitá di Napoli, Italy
  • WHO EURO, Denmark
  • European Medical Students’ Association (EMSA)
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