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How healthy will your future be?

Let us know what you think about the future of Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) in 2050

FRESHER is an interdisciplinary research and foresight project funded by the EU programme Horizon 2020 and stands for “Foresight and Modelling for European Health Policy and Regulation”. The overall objective of the FRESHER project is the representation of alternative futures where the detection of emerging health scenarios will be used to test future research policies to effectively tackle the burden of non-communicable chronic diseases (NCDs).

The Scenario Building process adopted by the FRESHER team is highly participatory, and relies heavily on the inputs provided by the project partners and by a wide community of experts through on-line surveys and dedicated workshops. This process has identified eight key trends with a strong impact on NCDs, followed by the development of alternative future Health Scenarios, based on medium to long-term evolutions of these trends.

The innovative approach of FRESHER is based on the combination of qualitative scenarios with a dynamic, quantitative microsimulation model that allows for an estimation of how different evolutions of the eight key trends in alternative scenarios will impact on NCDs in the European population in the long run. As a key result, the outputs will contribute to evidence-based policy formulation addressed at decision makers at European and national levels and provide key inputs for the future of the European public health research agenda.

Considering alternative Health Scenarios at 2050, the current survey is intended to elicit your opinion as regards:

* The evolution of NCDs risk factors/determinants in each scenario, which will in turn influence NCDs incidence and mortality

* Innovative policy actions that are already being experimented or that should be put in place to make one or the other scenarios unfold

Please give us your expert opinion with a comment on innovative policy actions that you think can impact on the NCDs burden and contribute to a healthier society overall. Please kindly reply by June 7th, which is the final deadline for answering. The survey will take approximately 30 minutes to complete.

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