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CHRODIS+ pre-Conference workshops – 13 May

13 May 2019 @ 10:00 - 18:00


Events for CHRODIS PLUS partners: beneficiaries, implementing partners, collaborating and associated partners

Location: Hotel Benczur, Budapest, Benczúr street 35, 1068 Hungary


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Work Package 5 workshops

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Work Package 6 workshop

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Work Package 7 workshop

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Work Package 8 workshop

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9.00Registration begins for workshops, General Assembly and the Conference (Please note than on the previous day, Sunday 12th May, the reception table will be also open between 16.00 and 19.00.)
10.00WP5 - Health promotion & disease prevention Workshop

Workshop Agenda

Objectives of the workshop:
• To discuss the list of success factors that contributed to delivering best practices in health promotion and disease prevention through intra/ intersectoral collaborations.
• To discuss the enabling and hindering factors of the list of success factors we have identified (more detailed information about the underlying processes of the different factors).
• To foster collaboration among participants of WP5, 6, 7 and 8 work packages to gain more insight into intra/ intersectoral collaborations and how they can strengthen health promotion and disease prevention activities in the healthcare and other sectors.

Expected participants: WP5 partners and partners of WP6, WP7 and WP8 familiar with or working on intersectoral collaboration

Key presentations of WP5
Merged presentation of WP5 as per the agenda Presentation
11.30Continuation of WP5 workshop on intersectoral collaborations
13.00Buffet lunch for partners attending any of the workshops
14.00WP6 - Multimorbidity Care Model Workshop

Workshop Agenda

• Objective or the workshop: review the status of the implementation of the Multimorbidity Care Model at 5 locations, to assess possible problems raised during the implementation and to plan future WP activities. Activities performed by non-implementing partners will also be reviewed.
• Expected participants: WP6 partners
Key presentations of WP6:
Rokas Navickas et al - Pilot implementation of integrated care model for multimorbidity Presentation
Laimis Dambrauskas et al - Non-implementing site visits and activities Presentation
Antonio Gimeno Miguel - Implementation of CHRODIS integrated care model for multimorbidity in Aragon, Spain Presentation
Multimorbidity care model in elders with dementia and adults with intellectual disabilities Presentation
Maria Joao Ferjaz at al - Outcomes assessment Presentation
Mirca Barbolini - The pathway towards sustainability Presentation

14.00WP7 - Fostering the quality of care Workshop

Workshop Agenda

• Objective or the workshop: present and discuss the results of the first phase of the implementation activities, and to improve coordination and cooperation among partners.
• Expected participants: WP7 partners
Key presentations:
Marina Maggini and Jelka Zaletel - WP7 Introduction Presentation
Agenda WP7 Introduction to the meeting Presentation
Plamen Dimitrov - Planning the future uptake of mHealth Tool Presentation
Carlos Fernandez-Viadero - mHealth Tool for fostering QCR Presentation
Illias Kanellos - Use of JA Chrodis QCR Experience in Greece Presentation
Nebojsa Lalic - Use of the JA Chrodis QCR Experience in Serbia Presentation
Jaana Lindstrom et al - Use of the JA Chrodis QCR Experience from Finland Presentation
Lars Munter - Use of the JA Chrodis QCR Experience in Denmark Presentation
Denis Opresnik - Use of the JA Chrodis QCR Experience from Slovenia Presentation
Tamara Poljicanin - Use of the JA Chrodis QCR Experience from Croatia Presentation
Ruediger Pryss - Planning the future uptake of the mHelath QCR Tool Presentation
Ruediger Pryss et al - Use of the JA Chrodis QCR Presentation
David Somekh - Sustainability and scalability of the pilot actions 5 key elements Presentation
Valentina Strammielo - Study visit of task 7.2 sites 5 key elements Presentation
Marina Maggini and Jelka Zaletel - Next steps WP7 Presentation
14.00WP8 - Employment and chronic conditions Workshop

Workshop Agenda

• Objective or the workshop: discuss in practice and in more detail how the piloting and evaluation of the CHRODIS PLUS Training Tool for Employers and the Toolkit for the Adaptation of the Workplace are going on, possible issues and their solutions
• Expected participants: WP8 partners currently completing the interviews and partners piloting the Training Tool and the Toolkit. Also: every CHRODIS+ partner interested in the development and implementation of the WP8 Employment and NCDs Toolkit

Key presentations from WP8 workshop
Training tool for managers and test for the pilot Presentation
Jaana Lindstrom and Eeva Rantala - Toolkit and Pilot Presentation
14.00WP5 - Multi-Modal Implementer workshop

15.30Coffee Break (each Workshop separately in their workshop room)
16.00Continuation of parallel workshops for WP6, WP7 and WP8.
Multi-Modal Implementer WP5 workshop continued
18.00Workshop closings
19.00Joint Buffet dinner in the Hotel Restaurant


Link to CHRODIS PLUS General Assembly14 May 2019 @ 08:30 – 13:30

Link to CHRODIS PLUS Conference: TUESDAY 14TH MAY 14.00 – 19.30 AND WEDNESDAY 15TH MAY 9.00-13.00


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13 May 2019
10:00 - 18:00
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