For those arriving at Budapest Airport, we recommend either taking a taxi or using public transport to get to the venue.

1/ Taking a taxi from the airport to the Hotel Benczúr should cost approx. 7,500 HUF (24 EUR). It is customary to leave a tip of 10% in Hungary.

Please either book a taxi directly with the Hotel Benczúr (the cost is 38 EUR/car for max. 4 persons, contact: +36 1 479 5650 or email [email protected]) or just go to the official Főtaxi booth immediately outside the terminal and order a taxi there. Please note that if you are ordering a taxi at the airport, only order with Főtaxi and  do not accept offers from any taxi drivers who approach you in the arrivals hall, as they may charge you a higher rate.

Főtaxi’s telephone number: + 36 1 222 22 22

Official taxi companies in Budapest:

If you are a non-Hungarian speaker, we recommend that you order from either Főtaxi or City Taxi since they have English-speaking dispatchers.

  • Főtaxi : + 36 1 222 2222
  • City Taxi: +36 1 211 1111
  • Budapest Taxi: + 36 1 777 7777

All licensed taxis at the airport accept cash (Euro or Forint) or Visa/Mastercard, but if you are paying with a card please notify the driver in advance.

2/ Taking public transport from the airport to the Hotel Benczúr

The simplest way from the airport to the hotel is to take Bus 100E from Budapest Airport to Deák Ferenc Tér. (This is where the bus terminates.) The ride takes about 35 minutes. From Deák Ferenc Tér, take metro line 1 (M1) in the direction of Mexikói Út to Bajza Utca. (This will take about 7 minutes and is 6 stops.) The Hotel Benczúr is 400 metres from the Bajza Utca stop, and is thus within a walkable distance. The route from Bajza utca to Hotel Benczúr is depicted on the map below.

Venue address: Hotel Benczúr Benczúr utca 35, Budapest, H-1068


Please note that in Hungary the currency is the Hungarian forint. The exchange rate of the Hungarian forint to the Euro is approximately 317 forints to 1 Euro, but this changes slightly every day. Visa or Mastercard are also accepted nearly everywhere. Some shops, especially in the tourist zones also accept Euros. If you wish to visit less touristy areas, then Hungarian forints are necessary.

If you plan to extend your stay in Budapest, you may want to consider purchasing the Budapest Card. Cardholders receive free public transport as well as free tours of Buda & Pest, along with free entry to 17 museums. To see all of the perks that this card provides, please take a look at the official website:

We believe that we will have fruitful  workshops and an engaging plenary assembly and conference.

We wish you a pleasant stay in Budapest and look forward to seeing you at the Conference.

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