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DG Santé Best Practices Portal – health promotion, diseases prevention and management of non-communicable diseases

This Portal brings together good practices collected in previous Health Programme actions in the different fields: nutrition, physical activity, mental health, health inequalities, reducing alcohol related harm and integrated care.  These are the best practices that have been selected by actions funded under the Health Programmes such as CHRODIS, JANPA, RARHA, MHCompass, SCIROCCO, as well as the pilot project “Vulnerable” in the areas of mental health, nutrition, physical activity, preventing harmful use of alcohol, prevention of non-communicable diseases and integrated care.

It also allows submission of practices for evaluation to select the “best”. All practices assessed as “best” will be shared with the Member States’ Steering Group on Health Promotion, Disease Prevention and Management of Non-Communicable Diseases.

The features of this Portal:
  1. one-stop-shop to consult good practices that have been collected by actions that were co-funded by the Health Programme
  2. submission portal for all stakeholders that would like to present their practice (intervention, project) for evaluation
  3. information portal about projects and tools which implement the transfer of best practices from one country to others
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