Direcção – Geral Da Saúde

Directorate-General of Health

Department responsible for Health along the Life Cycle; National Programme of Diabetes

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José Boavida: [email protected]

AP20 – DGS 2
  • The General Directorate of Health through its National Program for Diabetes is responsible for establishing the national strategies for the prevention and control of diabetes in Portugal. It is therefore in our interest to participate in the activities developed by the EU in this area.  Exchanging experiences with our European partners is important to achieve our common goal.

    José Boavida
    José Boavida DGS

Involvement in CHRODIS

Knowledge Platform

Health Promotion

Instituto Nacional De Saúde Doutor Ricardo Jorge, I.P

National Health Institute Doutor Ricardo Jorge

Department of Health Promotion and Prevention of Non-Communicable Disease

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Astrid Vicente: [email protected]

  • As the Portuguese National Health Institute we are committed in research of risk and protective factors (biological, social and cultural) and their influence on population health. Cardiovascular disease is one of our areas of interest. Also intervention in health promotion along the lifecourse is one of our aims. By participating in JA CHRODIS we want to learn and share knowledge and experience with other countries on what concerns ageing specificities and healthy ageing, in order to improve  research and action in this domain.

    Astrid Vicente
    Astrid Vicente INSA

Involvement in CHRODIS

Knowledge Platform

Associação Protectora dos Diabéticos de Portugal – APDP

pt: http://www.apdp.pt/


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Involvement in CHRODIS

Evaluation (Co-leader)

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