THE BEGINNINGS (2011-2014)


Chafea Infosheet on Chronic Diseases

The European Commission published an information sheet on “Chronic Diseases – The health challenge of our times”. The EC has responded to this challenge through a variety of actions. This information sheet mentions the first Chronic Disease Summit and the reflection process (see more information below) as initial responses to the growing problem of chronic diseases. Additionally, EU health programmes will reflect the needs identified in the chronic diseases reflection process with a priority on prevention and health promotion, and diseases management with a focus on patient empowerment.

Apart from JA-CHRODIS, five other EU-funded projects were also introduced. The projects address various aspects of the growing problem of chronic diseases, for example implications for the labour market, managing multimorbidity or heart diseases (cardiovascular disease and coronary diseases).

The Chafea Infosheet on “Promoting Healthy Ageing” can be viewed by clicking on the link.

EU Chronic Disease Summit

The first EU Chronic Disease Summit, organised by the European Commission, took place on 2-3 April 2014. It enabled policy makers and other stakeholders from across the EU to discuss the medical, social and economic benefits of sustainable investments in health, ways to reduce the burden of chronic diseases, and how to strengthen the prevention and management of chronic diseases. Close to 500 participants discussed the added value of EU action in the area of chronic diseases and identified five key issues that need to be addressed, which concerned: 1) political leadership; 2) targeting societal challenges; 3) making more efficient use of available resources; 4) strengthening the involvement of stakeholders in policy development and implementation; 5) strengthening evidence and information. Participants called for the formation of a coalition that involves all relevant sectors across society, patients and citizens in order to address chronic diseases.

CHRODIS will contribute to advancing work in these key areas.

Read the JA-CHRODIS press release for the EU Chronic Disease Summit here.

Reflection Process on Chronic Diseases

The EU Council Conclusions on innovative approaches for chronic diseases (December 2010), invited EU countries and the European Commission to initiate and lead a reflection process on chronic diseases, in order to identify ways to optimise the response to chronic diseases and cooperation between EU countries. The work undertaken was summarised in a Final Report on the Reflection Process on Chronic Diseases (September 2013).

CHRODIS as well as the EU Chronic Disease Summit are follow-ups to this process.

European Commission Communication on Effective Accessible and Resilient Health Systems

In April 2014, the European Commission issued a  Communication from the Commission on effective, accessible and resilient health systems. The Communication (proposal for actions) lays out an EU agenda for making Europe’s health systems fit for facing current challenges and pressures. It highlights a number of initiatives the EU can develop and build upon to help Member States ensure that citizens’ aspirations to high quality care can be met. The focus will be on methods and tools that will allow Member States to achieve greater effectiveness, accessibility and resilience of their health systems, in line with reform recommendations addressed to them in the context of the European Semester. Member States are also encouraged to make good use of European funding instruments, such as European Structural and Investment Funds, in implementing the recommended reforms.


Council Conclusions on the Reflection Process on Modern and Sustainable Health Systems

In June 2011, the Council of Health Ministers established an EU-level reflection process to help Member States provide modern, responsive and sustainable health systems. The Council Conclusions also called on Member States (MS) and the European Commission (EC) to, for example, “consider innovative approaches and models of health care responding to challenges, and develop future long-term health sector strategies … with the aim of moving away from hospital-centered systems toward integrated care systems … and reducing health inequalities.” It also called on EU MS and the EC to “further strengthen health promotion and disease prevention in an integrated manner.”

CHRODIS can contribute to MS and EC efforts to achieve such objectives.

In December 2013, the Council of Health Ministers endorsed the progress made and called for further work in this area in its conclusions on the “reflection process on modern, responsive and sustainable health systems”.

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