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On the 19th-20th of January 2017, the first ADVANTAGE Joint Action meeting took place in Madrid, Spain.

A total of 64 participants from 22 Member States and over 40 organisations, as well as representatives of other EU-funded projects and of the European Commission, attended the meeting and discussed the main goals of the JA and agreed on management, contents, procedures and deadlines for its practical implementation.

The work that started with this kick-off meeting of ADVANTAGE is particularly relevant in Europe at current time as it will address the demographic change and the associated increasing demands for social and health care from the burden of chronic diseases, frailty, disability and old age, which are a central priority for the EU and its Member States.

Its main outcome will be a common European model to approach frailty, leading to the development of improved strategies for diagnosis, care and education for frailty, disability and multi-morbidity and will prevent the growing healthcare demands from the increasing burden of disability and chronic diseases.

To learn more about the new Joint Action, read the press release (.pdf)

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