Shaping policies on chronic diseases

Shaping policies on chronic diseases

Chrodis+ contributes to the reduction of this burden by promoting the implementation of policies and practices that have been successful in EU Member States, and to formulate ideas for long-term, sustainable collaboration at international level.

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Policy Dialogues

Fourteen national and two EU-level policy dialogues (PD) were organised to identify policies or changes to existing policies and legislation that are capable of tackling major risk factors for chronic disease.

Learn more about common lessons learned, the policy dialogues and download the full version of our report to get the entire picture!

Chrodis Plus activities across Europe

Project leaders and partners

Iñaki Imaz | Institute of Health Carlos III, Spain

Elena Jurevičienė | Vilnius University Hospital Santariskiu Klinikos, Lithuania

“CHRODIS PLUS is an extensive and wide-ranging project requiring significant effort to ensure that its research takes into account the actual situation of Member States so that it is able to propose sustainable and suitable actions. We are very committed to this work, having in mind the importance that an increased implementation of good practices in the prevention and management of chronic diseases has for Europe. It is an honour be a member of this team that boosts innovation in a multifaceted and crucial field for the health of our population.”

  • CIPH, Croatia
  • AUTH, Greece
  • DOHI, Iceland
  • IPH, Ireland
  • FINCB, Italy
  • HI, Lithuania
  • MFH, Malta
  • RIVM, Netherlands
  • IPHS, Serbia
  • MoH SK, Slovakia
  • SU, Hungary
  • VL O, Belgium
  • VU, Lithuania
  • MS, Portugal
  • BHTC, Belgium
  • NIGRiR, Poland
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