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Joint Action CHRODIS (2013-2016) in the press

Health-EU | April 2016

EU_health newsletter
Towards better prevention and management of diabetes - The Joint Action CHRODISMarina Maggini and Jelka Zaletel, JA-CHRODIS WP7 leaders, on the Joint Action and Diabetes as a case study to strengthen health care for people with chronic diseases.


EIPAHA interview
Interview with Dr. Teresa Chavarría Giménez, Coordinator of JA-CHRODISDr. Teresa Chavarría Giménez introduces the Joint Action on Chronic Diseases & Promoting Healthy Ageing across the Life Cycle, and explains how dealing with chronic diseases & healthy ageing addresses multimorbidity.


PEN article
The chronic disease challengeAnna Gallinat, of EuroHealthNet and Joint Action CHRODIS communications leader, on the burden of chronic diseases and healthy ageing, and how the Joint Action is paving the way for better health policies across Europe.


Euractiv article
Health forum looks for better ways to treat patients with multimorbiditiesA growing number of Europeans are diagnosed with multimorbidities, or co-occurring diseases. As caring for patients with multimorbidities is resource-intensive and expensive, experts are looking into new types of treatment.

The Parliament Magazine | 21 September 2015

The Parliament_CHRODIS press
EU countries can learn from each other on tackling chronic diseaseChronic diseases are the most widespread type of illness in Europe, yet many of them are preventable (pp. 55-56).

EU observer | 7 October 2014

Chronic diseases: forcing change in EU healthcare managementWith a growing older population and an overall increase in chronic diseases, Europe is faced with a new kind of health problem.

EU Observer | 22 September 2014

EU wakes up to its chronic disease problemThe European Union is beginning to take the problem of chronic diseases seriously - the recent EU summit on Chronic Diseases is an indication.

Pan European Networks | September 2015

Building on what works_Press
Building on what worksDr Teresa Chavarría and Ingrid Stegeman spoke to PEN about the Joint Action's background and its ambition to enable European countries to share good practices to tackle the chronic disease burden.
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