01 – Coordination of the Joint Action

The Coordination Work Package (WP1) manages the day-to-day administrative, technical and content aspects of the Joint Action Chrodis+. Besides executing the daily management, this work package provides overall planning and follows up on actions to reach the project goals and successful delivery of project outputs.

Executive Board management

Organization of Executive Boards on monthly basis is one of the major tasks of this work package. The Executive Board is comprised of the Joint Action Chrodis+ management team, work package leaders and European Commission and Consumer, Health, Agriculture and Food Executive Agency (CHAFEA) representatives. The Executive Board oversees the Joint Action past and future activities. Executive Board Members meet in person every six months and via teleconference on a monthly basis. These meetings support to keep an overview on the project current activities and future activities planning. The Coordination Work Package links the activities of all work packages, updates the overall work plan and monitors work progress in all of the work packages.

Governing Board management

The Coordination Work Package also coordinates the activities of the Governing board. The Governing Board is comprised of nominated representatives of health ministries of Member States. The GB is responsible for developing a sustainability plan based on keeping chronic diseases at the forefront of the political agenda for health after the end of the Joint Action. The Governing Board meets once a year.

Events and risks

This work package also participates on co-organization of major Joint Action events such as conferences, plenary assemblies and governing board meetings. Another aspect of this work package is to identify possible risks and take appropriate actions to minimize and mitigate them

Project Coordination: Institute of Health Carlos III – Leader: Antonio Sarria Santamera (CHRODIS PLUS Coordinator) – asarria@isciii.es

Scientific Coordination: Vilnius University Hospital Santaros Klinikos, Lithuania – Leader: Rokas Navickas (Scientific Coordinator) Rokas.Navickas@santa.lt

Personal mission of the project coordinator:

“Chronic conditions are complex problems, therefore they need a complex response. Chrodis PLUS is committed at aiming to provide useful lessons for European countries to confront the challenge of chronic conditions. As Coordinators of this project, we see our success through the effective integration of the work of partners, enabling and encouraging their participation, and engage external stakeholders effectively to develop cooperative relationships across boundaries.”

Personal mission of the scientific coordinator:

“With the rising life expectancy, but not the the quality life years gained,despite the ever increasing healthcare related costs, the global community is facing a challenge. Chrodis+ is a European response to the challenge. Uniting European expertise to combat the situation which seems to be the new norm within the healthcare systems, which are different across the European countries, Chrodis+ has an important role with some valuable milestones and deliverables, which will be affecting the health of the European community. As a scientific coordinator, I trust the team which is the CHRODIS+ partners, the people and organisations, we can deliver. Deliver the change, which is needed in tackling the chronic disease, by successfully implementing best practices, created and proved to work within Europe.”

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