Promotion of Fruit and Vegetable Consumption among Schoolchildren, ‘PROGREENS’ – Bulgaria


The aim of the intervention ( is to educate children on healthy diet and specifically on fruit consumption. The intervention was developed within the European Union’s 7th Framework Programme, funded by the European Commission and included 11 Member States. The main objectives were: to assess the level of consumption of fruit and vegetables in children before and after a school-based intervention and to develop and test effective strategies to promote fruit and vegetable consumption among school children. The expected results were: estimates of the fruit and vegetable consumption in different European countries; information concerning important psychosocial and socio-demographic determinants of fruit and vegetable consumption among school children in different European countries; a set of intervention strategies tailored to be appropriate and effective in promoting fruit and vegetable consumption among school children; an increased consumption of fruit and vegetables among the participating target group; a set of recommendations for national and international authorities, commercial and professional groups on best-practices for assessment and promotion of fruit and vegetable consumption;

The intervention in Bulgaria took place in the period of 2008 – 2011, targeting 6-grade students (11-12-year olds) in Sofia. In 2009 a survey was contacted in 13 schools in Sofia, involving 1300 children and their parents. The survey aimed to assess dietary intake, eating behaviour and knowledge related to fruits and vegetables, as well as the school environment conditions. The results informed the development of educational materials for students, guidelines and training for teachers, a shop visit brochure, informational materials for the parents, a poster project school activity. In October 2009, the start of the intervention was implemented within 6 schools in the capital. The intervention was characterized by a highly effective partnership, including school representatives, healthcare professionals and contacts with branch organizations of producers.

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