NICE Public Health Guidance on the Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease at a Population Level – United Kingdom


The United Kingdom’s Department of Health asked the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) to produce public health guidance on the prevention of cardiovascular disease (CVD) at population level. The resulting guidance was published in 2010 and is for the government, the NHS, local authorities, industry and all those whose actions influence the population’s cardiovascular health, including health commissioners, managers and practitioners working in local authorities, the wider public and voluntary and community sectors. The guidance complements NICE guidance on smoking cessation and prevention and tobacco control, physical activity, obesity, hypertension, maternal and child nutrition and alcohol misuse. The aim of the guidance is to encourage patients, policy makers and managers in all sectors and healthcare practitioners to be aware of the risk factors for CVD and to minimise them to prevent the condition from arising.

The target groups are: Ministers, the relevant government officials and policy makers at all levels in the Departments of Health, Business, Culture, Media and Sport, Education, Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Transport, the Advertising and Food Standards Agencies, the Medical Research Council, Caterers, Food and Drink Producers and Retailers, Farmers, Marketing and Media Industry and Non-governmental agencies such as the British Heart Foundation, Diabetes UK and the Stroke Association.

The guidance has 21 recommendations, each with actions. The topics are: Salt content of food; Saturated Fats; Trans fats; Marketing and Promotion aimed at children and young people; Commercial interests; Product labelling; Health impact assessment; Common agricultural policy; Physically active travel; Public sector catering; Take-aways and other food outlets etc. The guidance has been promoted widely and can be accessed freely from the NICE website

Additional information:  (last accessed in March 2017)

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