An Intervention for Obese Pregnant Women – Sweden


The intervention targets obese pregnant women with the aim to control pregnancy weight gain. The intervention on its pilot study included meetings with the midwife every second week, one meeting with a dietician and a midwife from the delivery ward, exercise 30 minutes every day, water gymnastics once a week, keeping a food diary, fetal ultrasounds and follow-up visits to the obstetrician. The project is now implemented in all parts of Stockholm and there are education courses plans for different parts of Sweden that have been interested of the project. Funding is obtained from Stockholm’s läns Landsting, the regional government. Material is available at internet for all Mother Health Care centres. The project was feasible and well tolerated by the pregnant women and the midwives enjoyed working with the project. All participants were satisfied or very satisfied with the project. About 1/3 of the mothers reach the goal of maximum weight gain 6 kg and 2/3 gain maximum 10 kg.


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Life Cycle Stages: Pregnancy | 
Main Settings: healthcare services | 
Specific Topics: maternal nutrition | physical activity | prophylaxis & screening | 

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