Health Promotion for People Belonging to the Cardiovascular Disease Risk Group ‘Hereinafter – Program’ – Lithuania


The Program ‘hereinafter’ was approved by the Ministry of Health Minister Order in 2014. It is a program for 40-55 year old men and 50-65 year old women who belongs to cardiovascular disease risk group (obesity, smoking etc.) and also participate in the screening and prevention program for people at high risk for cardiovascular disease (secondary prevention). Using the integration of primary health care facilities and municipal public health bureaus ongoing health activities, effectively strengthen the people’s health, introduce them with cardiovascular disease risk factors and healthy lifestyle principles, teach how to change lifestyle, manage stress, choose a healthy diet and physical activity and reduce the cardiovascular diseases risk factors. Each participant has a unique opportunity to consult with nutritionists; also individual nutrition plans were scheduled for each participant. The importance of physical activity in the prevention of cardiovascular was set not only by lectures, but in practice too: each participant had the opportunity to exercise weekly with physical therapist. Physical therapist arranged physical activity plans for each one, taking into account the human individual characteristics and an assessment of the physical capacity of every individual and consulted during the entire Program.

A psychologist taught stress management techniques, moreover, free psychological counselling was provided. The primary health care physician informs the person about opportunity to participate in a Program. If a person agrees to participate in the Program the physician fills and hands him a sheet of health indicators status and includes that person to the Program list. At least once a month the list is being sent to the Municipal public health bureau by the physician. Municipal public health bureau, in accordance with lists, organizes the Program. For example Vilnius Public Health Bureau in cooperation with primary health care institutions carried out the Program since September 2014. Two-month long program involved two groups of 18 people (hereinafter – Vilnius group), belonging to cardiovascular disease risk group, for example, those who have the most common cardiovascular risk factors such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, type II diabetes, overweight or obesity and smoking. Evaluation showed that nearly all participants in Vilnius group noted an improvement of their overall well-being, increased physical activity, consumption of fresh vegetables and fruit, reduced-fat, sugary and salty food after the Program. Participants’ body weight decreased by an average of 1.45 kg (range from 0.4 kg to 2.6 kg), BMI decreased by an average of 0.52 (range from 0.1 to 0.9), waist circumference decreased by an average of 2.5 cm (range from 0 cm to 8 cm) during the Program. Two months after the program positive changes were observed in high-density lipoprotein (HDL) and glucose levels in the blood.

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Life Cycle Stages: The Young Old (50-65 yrs) | Work Life | 
Main Settings: healthcare services | 
Specific Topics: CVD prevention | 

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