Dutch Obesity Intervention in Teenagers ‘DOiT’- Netherlands


The aim the DOiT programme is to prevent overweight among prevocational educational school children by improving energy-balance-related behaviours (EBRBs): reducing intake of sugar-containing beverages (i.e. soft drinks and fruit juices); reducing intake of high-energy snacks; reducing screen time (i.e. TV viewing and computer use); increasing levels of physical activity (i.e. active transport and sports participation); daily and healthy breakfast consumptions. The target group is adolescents attending the first two years of prevocational education (12 to 14 years old). The DOiT programme consists of 12 fixed theory lessons and four physical education lessons. The lessons in the first year are aimed at increasing awareness and knowledge of healthy behaviours, i.e. intake of sugar-containing beverages, high-energy snacks/sweets and breakfast, screen time and physical activity behaviour, such as active transport to school and sports participation and improvement of those behaviours. The lessons in the second year focus on increasing awareness and acting upon the influence of the obesogenic environments. The environmental component aims to raise awareness of the school environment, finding solutions to reduce negative influences within the environment and setting a plan for improvement. The parental component focuses on stimulation of social support of the parents and raising awareness of the availability and accessibility of healthy products and activities in the home environment. As part of the DOiT programme, all parents receive an information booklet in which the topics of the DOiT lessons are described. During the programme, adolescent receive homework assignments to complete with their parents. Optionally, at the end of the programme schools can organize a meeting for parents, where adolescents present what they learned. The intervention is implemented by the teachers at the prevocational schools during regular biology or physical education lessons, supported by the DOiT support office. DOiT is supported by an extensive teacher manual with a login for extra materials provided at the DOiT website.
Since August 2011, the DOiT programme has been available for schools in the Netherlands. This implies that all schools in the Netherlands can select to buy the DOiT programme. All schools have free access to the implementation strategy and accompanying materials on the DOiT website. Within the first 2 school years, more than 90 schools ordered the materials, reaching over 10,000 adolescents. A process evaluation showed that the majority of the adolescents who were exposed to the programme appreciated and used the DOiT materials and positively rated their experience with the programme activities.


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