Diabetes Prevention and Screening in Vulnerable Populations of the Metropolitan Lisbon Area – Portugal


The intervention was developed to address the needs of vulnerable urban populations, with concomitant reduced access to healthcare, in regards to diabetes prevention and screening/diagnosis. It was implemented in collaboration with municipalities and local social partners of the Metropolitan Lisbon Area, between 2008 and 2014. Main objectives were: to promote health in vulnerable communities in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area; to promote equity in the access to healthcare; to implement diabetes prevention; to screen vulnerable populations for diabetes risk; to establish partnerships to consolidate the ability to act on vulnerable communities; to contribute for the actions advocated by the National Plan on Diabetes. Implemented activities included training sessions about diabetes prevention and management for both healthcare and social care professionals, sessions about diabetes prevention and healthy lifestyles promotion for the adult population, and diabetes risk screening sessions also for the general population. Funding was provided by a national governmental agency (DGS, the General Directorate of Health), a private foundation (Ernesto Roma Foundation), and a private patient association (APDP – Diabetes Portugal). The intervention was implemented by a team of nutritionists and diabetes educators from the Ernesto Roma Foundation. Support for the OGTT was given by healthcare personnel at APDP. The fact that the service was free of charge and conducted through a mobile unit, going directly to the communities, was highly valued. The involvement of DGS and APDP, national reference institutions in diabetes care, was likewise a condition for success.

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Life Cycle Stages: Older People (>65 yrs) | Seniors (>75 yrs) | The Young Old (50-65 yrs) | Work Life | 
Main Settings: community | healthcare services | 
Specific Topics: diabetes prevention | 

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