Governing Board of CHRODIS PLUS

To be nominated during 2017

The CHRODIS PLUS Governing Board is established in order to generate synergies between EU Members States and EEA countries with EU institutions on the health agenda on chronic diseases and healthy ageing. It is comprised of nominated representatives of health ministries of Members States, EEA countries, representatives of the European Commission and the European Region of the World Health Organization (WHO).

The main activities of the GB are to keep relevant policy-makers informed, contribute to guide the technical work and the strategic progress of CHRODIS PLUS Joint Action and to support the development of a sustainability plan based on keeping chronic diseases at the forefront of the political agenda for health after the end of the Joint Action. The Governing Board meets once a year.


Former Governing Board members of CHRODIS Joint Action (2013-2016)

Magdalena Arrouas – Ministry of Health, Austria
Isabelle van der Brempt – FPS Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment, Belgium
Saskia Van den Bogaert – FPS Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment, Belgium
Anneleen Craps – Ministry of Health, Belgium
Elvira Foteva – Directorate “Health Policy” of the Ministry of Health, Bulgaria
Tamara Poljicanin – National Institute of Public Health (Ministry of Health), Croatia
Myrto Azina – Chronides Ministry of Health, Cyprus
Kristina Köhler – Ministry of Health, Estonia
Mr Manfred Huber – WHO Regional Office for Europe WHO, European Region
Dr. Sirpa Sarlio – Lähteenkorva Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, Finland
Mr Alain Brunot – Ministère des affaires sociales, de la santé et des droits des femmes, France
Karen Budewig – Federal Ministry of Health, Germany
Fofo Kaliva – Ministry of Health, Greece
Raineri Guerra – Ministry of Health, Italy
Ieva Gudanavičienė – Ministry of Health (Health Promotion Department), Lithuania
Maren Skaset – Ministry of Health, Norway
José Boavida – Ministry of Health (National Programme for Diabetes), Portugal
Vesna Kerstin Petrič – Ministry of Health (Directorate for Public Health), Slovenia
Antonio L. Andreu – Director del Instituto de Salud Carlos III, Spain
Carolina Rodriguez  – Ministry of Health, Spain
Dr. Martin McShane – Department of Health (NHS England’s National Director for Patients with Long Term Conditions), United Kingdom
Michael Wood – Department of Health (NHS England’s National Director for Patients with Long Term Conditions), United Kingdom

Wolfgang Philipp – DG SANTE, Belgium

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